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Caravaners have long faced a common problem: not enough power to survive for long periods when off grid and gas refills in the Outback are very inconvenient. That was then, this is now!

After years of research, development and testing, the E-RV has made its long awaited debut as the world's first, fully electric caravan to go into production.

Equipped with an unprecedented 2033 watt solar system* and 5000 watt inverter coupled with a 14.3kWh automotive grade battery.

Enjoy the creature comforts of home, anywhere you travel.

Experience a truly "off-grid" adventure whilst enjoying the luxuries and practicalities of domestic living.

The E-RV has been holistically designed and engineered as an energy efficient home away from home.

The Composite constructed cabin offers superior insulating properties ensuring the cabin stays cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

This power plant on wheels generates its own clean, renewable energy when free camping while remaining carbon neutral.

Welcome to the future of caravanning!

  • UPTO2033*WattsSolar

    *2033 Watts based on Largest Size Caravan

  • 14.3KW/HrBattery

    *2033 Watts based on Largest Size Caravan

  • 5000WattInverter

    *2033 Watts based on Largest Size Caravan