The DCX Power Solution System operates on a nominal 51.1VDC platform and is a system based on engineered safety principles along with automotive battery cell chemistry.

The result is an extremely powerful solution that is lightweight with a reduction in wire gauge, improved system efficiency, and a smaller system footprint. The DCX Power Solution is comprised of two main components – the proprietary DCX Battery which is externally mounted and the internally fitted DCX Power System.

The DCX Power System encompasses a dynamic, pure sine wave inverter that is capable of continuously delivering 5,000 Watts/230VAC, and provides three different and very efficient charging methods – 230VAC grid (or generator) charging, solar charging, and DC-DC charging (subject to availability of DC-DC).

The DCX Power System has a capacity for up to 4,000 watts of solar power. Although all three of the above charging methods provide suitable options for charging, the DCX Power Solution has demonstrated that it is more than a reliable renewable energy solution.

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